Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a dream come true

Tony looked at Effy so coldly. Why did she have to be so intense? Didn't she know she was the one who made him feel so fucked up as it was? Did she care? Or did she just get off on this.

There was no denying it. He had feelings for her. But they were good. Really they were. It was never more than a finger fuck with her. They'd get as close as they could. And it was fierce too. Every night, in fact. Or so it seemed. She had her bouts of wanting him. And there were times he avoided her like the plague, and yet, it would happen. She would come to his bed. Wait for him, play with him until he was so hard that it made her giggle, and she loved taunting him. She loved the fact that she could do this to him, and he knew she felt just as electric as he did.

He felt her sex on his finger, and he'd pushed as much as she'd throbbed, and he'd sent her into so many orgasm that it had elated him so until he felt horrible the next day. Promising, he'd never do it again. She promised they'd play it safe. She'd gotten the condoms. It wasn't really that objectionable, now was it?

But he'd told her he wouldn't have it any other way than just a finger fuck. She'd have to settle for what it was. But was she ever satisfied?

"Just leave me alone, Effy." He looked at her grimly, thinking she would be the death of him.

"But I want to see you happy," She was so senuous when she smiled. "And I think its dead romantic that you have each other." She pulled some cash out of her bra then and handed it over. "Its on me," she nodded. "Take the next bus out of here, Tony. There's a enough for you and Maxxie to make a new start. I promise I'll never tell." She bit her bottom lip and tossed the cash on the bed.

"I think I'll draw myself a bath. Don't be here when I come back." She left then.

Tony looked at Maxxie even lipped. Maxxie started to laugh.

"She's such a slut." Maxxie told him.

Tony finally smiled as he picked up the cash. Yeah, it was a fine start of something.


Cait said...

hahaaa..what Maxxie said. Hmm, looks like an interesting future.

e.l. said...

a new beginning for sure.


I agree.... :)

Thanks so much for passing by!

simon n josh said...

Can't wait to see where this goes.