Monday, May 25, 2009

in the corner

"Dead romantic," Effy smirked.

Why was she always there at the most unexpected moments. Maxxie felt a bit shy then. Perhaps frightened. Perhaps she'd expose what they'd done not so long ago. Really, it hadn't been that big of deal, now had it? He'd pleasured her for a few pills. Not much. Really, it disgusted him now, how he'd had to be in her room in the wee morning hours just to find out he hadn't enough cash to fit the bill, evidently and so he'd done as she'd asked. Licked her clean.

He winced then thinking of that little laugh of hers. Truly, she was a she devil. Could she just let that go? Really, she wasn't at her best unless she was filled up on drugs. He'd only done so because...because he'd needed a few pills to get through the bad times. Times were not so bad now. Didn't she know... he felt nothing for her?Her little laugh made him ill now.

"Well, go on," Effy smirked more, her hair all wild and she looked bitter. "I want to watch." She licked her lips then and waited.

Maxxie felt uncomfortable. A slight ache sliced through him. Was she serious.

"Tell me she's not serious?" He looked up at Tony.

"Oh, she's serious." Tony didn't take his eyes off his sister.


anthony luvs johanna said...

great last two lines of dialogue there. made me smile.

sid and violet said...

Dead romantic. I like that.

Iris said...

I love Effy! She's great.

simon n josh said...

Oh, what a situation!

stellawantstodie said...

wow!! like it!!

thanks for your comment!

loft in soho said...

WOW!!!!! I love!

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