Saturday, May 23, 2009


"Suppose, I told you I thought it was all my fault," Maxxie somehow had to wake Tony up before it was too late. Before the inevitable, before he went to the bathroom. Before he did himself in. "I liked it." Plain and simple.

It felt like the most important conversation of his life. Tony needed to know.

"I know, you remember," Maxxie smiled as if they should rewind. Start over. Let the past be behind them and they should go on. "It's Michelle, you know, that's what it was." He winced now. "I'm a private person, you know. I really am. And if she hadn't been in the room that time, well, it would have been different. You, were actually right good."

Still Tony said nothing. Nothing in the least that might stir him from the inevitable.

"I tried my best with you, you know." Maxxie was by his side now, in his bed. God forbid he hated those sheets. They'd find a new place of their own. They'd move on. They wouldn't have to be here and let this drab life eat them up. They could make it. Just the two of them.

So what if he left Georgie at the bus station. This was so different with Tony. He felt the driving force here, nudging him along. Something had to be done before it was too late. Before their lives changed.

"I want you with me, Tony." Maxxie caressed him then as if were so. "I'm more than your best mate, and you sent Sid away."

He felt Tony's sigh give way. Maxxie smiled as his chin rested on Tony's shoulder. They were side by side. He hugged Tony from behind. Two peas in a pod. So raw. Ready for each other. Couldn't it be bliss?

"Just let me show you what you've been missing," He whispered in Tony's ear then.

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