Sunday, May 24, 2009


Tony had placed himself in his quietness. Still unsure if he were dreaming or if were true. He felt Maxxie's hand gliding under his arms, resting around his chest. He looked down at his fine fingers. It was a comfort.

He wasn't sure to laugh or cry. And he yearned for Maxxie's warmth. Tony had been so cold. So certain it had come to an end with Michelle. He had to let her go. She was going away. She didn't need him now. He was beginning to think that she never needed him, actually.

Tony gently shut his eyes. His dark lashes fluttered. He'd never felt so hard for anyone. A slight smile slipped. It was nice. More than just quaint. Something happy came from the inside, and he wanted to see where it might go, and he turned to Maxxie and kissed him sadly then as if Maxxie might be the only one to save him.

Maxxie Frenched kissed him back to let him know exactly how it might be if they were together, and as Maxxie's fingers investigated Tony's hard on, Tony let himself not think about the future but the here and now.

Tony touched Maxxie's hard on too and the kissing drove on, fierce and heavy, thick with each other's sweat. Only Maxxie made him wait. He pushed Tony back as he kissed his chest, taking in his tits, letting him know exactly how he felt about him.

Tony took a deep breath wondering what would come next. He was after all, a stone for Maxxie, and Maxxie didn't let that go unnoticed. He took that in, as well. His tongue so warm and inviting. His mouth not too tight, yet sweet with cool kisses lingering which after a bit, quaked through Tony's core. It was bliss, and Maxie was only happy to hear his little moans of delight.

But soon the moment ended abruptly, when he saw Effy watching out of the corner of his eye.


Ivyoaks said...

It just wouldn't be right without Effy around.

Iris said...

I didn't know there was a skins book!

cait said...

Effy would put things to a stand still.

e.l. said...

so..well..just the way I wanted..