Saturday, June 27, 2009

all I want

Thankfully, the black and white tuxedo cat was friendly and got a good head rub from Maxxie.

"You know I'd rather you be doing that to me than that cat." Tony told Maxxie as he opened the bottle of wine with a cork screw he'd stolen from the bistro.

"Tone, you know there is enough of me to go around," Maxxie smiled so genuinely. He did love listening to the cat purr on his stomach as he laid on the mattress.

"Seriously, we could really make over the place." Tony looked about the shadows. Only a candle burned on the counter in the kitchen. Naturally, he took a big gulp of red wine first then handed it to Maxxie, who set up then to take a long drink too. It stung his tongue and bit and burned down his throat, but he could handle it. The wine was amazing.

"How are you feeling?" Tony took off Maxxie's shoes and socks too.

Maxxie gave him a playful squint. He'd been wanting to do that for ages. His feet were so tired and his legs ached. He thought he knew what aches and pains were until now.

"Tone, do you think it was a mistake?" Maxxie said as Tony started to rub his feet. " Taking off like this? Really, its not the best of circumstances."

"Nonsense." Tony looked him straight in the eye. "We just got here. Some thing will come. You just keep at it. All right?"

There was something sensuous about the foot rub. Tony had Maxxie's foot between Tony's legs. Maxxie's heel touched Tony's crotch in his kakis. Maxxie couldn't help but smile as he drank at the wine. He closed his eyes wishing his lips were on Tony's.

But Tony did his other foot too. It was if Tony was only teasing him. Well, he did a grand job. Maxxie was getting drunk.

Tony finally took the bottle, drank up and put it on the kitchen counter then as he tossed his shirt away and came around to Maxxie's back and tugged his t-shirt off too. He rubbed Maxxie's shoulders then. Their skin touching. Maxxie closed his eyes savoring Tony's back rub. And then he felt Tony's hands come around him and touch his tits as he kissed his neck and his shoulder.

Maxxie turned and kissed Tony's mouth so slowly, then so openly and their tongues met and they kissed so softly, and Maxxie was eager to find Tony's hard on tucked away in his pants He pushed his fingers in as he kept kissing Tony. Really Maxxie felt so elated for a new beginning. Getting in a show was the last thing on his mind now. All he wanted was Tony.


e.l. said...

sweet moment.

fan fic said...

Thanks for the smile e.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this blog:)