Monday, June 8, 2009

and then

What the hell was Maxxie's problem, thought Tony. What sort of conditions had to be prepared for a one night nighter, with him?

Maxxie made them stop what they were doing and shake the dust out of the old mattress.

"Its really disgusting, don't you think?" Maxxie scowled.

"I don't want to think about the conditions. I want you, Maxxie." Wasn't that enough?

"I want you too. I do, Tony, but really I can't have you in a bed of dust. It would be impossible." He assured him as he beat the dust out of the mattress with his hand.

"I want to get naked and do it." Especially before the candle burned out.

"You're always in a hurry," Maxxied sighed. "Really, if you take the time, its much more, well, satisfying. Trust me on this."

"Fine." Tony found himself winceing. He really just wanted to get on with this. Couldn't he see this was what he wanted?

"OK." Maxxie unzipped his pants then and stood there.

"Really." Tony smirked. Immediately, investigating what had perked up behind those briefs of Maxxie's, just waiting for him. It was so alive and beautiful. He couldn't wait to touch it. Maxxie kissed him softly as Tony played with Maxxie's hard on that was practically about to melt. But Maxxie wouldn't let got of his mouth until they manuvered on the mattress. Maxxie kicked off his pants and shucked Tony's shirt, touching his fine abs and kissing his tits.

Finally, Maxxie let Tony take in his hot sex with his mouth. It was devine, and it made Tony hard all over again. A sex spasm of some sort shot right through his core. Was going down on Maxxie enough? There had to be so much more, as he felt Maxxie's fingers in his hair. Then he heard Maxxie's sweet moans, and it was so satisfying. Tony couldn't help but smile. He could do it right, after all.

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