Thursday, June 4, 2009

eat, drink and wait to be merry

Tony looked at his watch while he waited for Maxxie to do his little routine. It was So you think you can dance, Tony supposed. Really, it felt horrible wondering where they'd sleep tonight. Hopefully, a hotel. They deserved as much. It would be nice to get to know each other properly, he thought. No interruptions from sisters or whomever. Couldn't they have had atleast a bit of a honeymoon before this.

He was hungry too. How did Maxxie do it?

Finally, he went on the street and bummed a cigarette off a crying girl, who said she was shit.

Tony didn't listen. He smoked his cigarette as if he was having sex with it. Really, it was quite a sensation. It gave him a bit of a buzz. Of course, it wasn't the intoxicating kind. When he came back in, he found Maxxie jumping about, smiling like an idiot.

"Did you see it! Did you see what I could do?" He grabbed Tony's shoulders.

"Of course, it was brilliant." He improvised as if Maxxie was the best dancer in the city. "Now what?"

"I wait and see," Maxxie shrugged.

"Could we have lunch?"

"If you want," Maxxie remained even lipped. "You eat, I'll watch."

"No, you just danced your heart out, mate. You're eating." Tony glared at him.

"Not that much, I can't-"

"Fine, we'll find us a nice salad bar, would that cut it, mate?" Of course, Tony had a thick juicy steak in mind, but he knew that wasn't going to happen. They'd have to live plenty meager from now on.

They passed fancy restraunts. It was an awful long way to find a small out of the way diner. They waited at the counter for the soup and sandwich special.

"Have you been networking?" Tony looked at Maxxie as if he should have a place lined up for them to stay.

"Not exactly, these people aren't as friendly as I imagined." Maxxie looked at him quite sad.

"See, I knew it. I knew we'd get here and nothing." Tony shrugged. He drank at his cola. Maxxie had nothing to add.

"Can we at least stay some place half way decent tonight?" Tony wanted to know.

"Of course." Maxxie nodded as he nursed his unsweetened tea.

A sly smile perked Tony up and so did the tuna sandwich with the tomato soup.

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jonah and leon said...

Tony always knows the right thing to say.