Sunday, June 21, 2009

if that's not enough

Maxxie found the boarding house, but it looked rather cynical to him for some reason. Couldn't exactly put his finger on it. But the old woman who ran the place was so prim and proper that Maxxie could barely ask what rooms were available. Her voice was shrill too, and she made him scared stiff. Besides that there were all these girls prancing around doing ballet and such that he wondered if he and Tony would be the only blokes around. He wasn't sure if Tony could take it. What if he couldn't help, but love all the attention and he'd make an arse of himself?

Maxxie went back to the flat they'd squatted in the night before and swept it out. He was shocked to find there was running water. After a good scrubbing in the bathroom with some cleaning products he got at the shops and some pin stripped sheets he got at a second hand place, it looked so much more cozy now. Fresh pillows. It looked good enough to sleep there now.

Maxxie smiled with satisfaction. But it didn't last long. His tired feet had to get down to the bistro and get to the kitchen to clean up there. Really, he hated to give up the idea that he might not make it in the shows. Why on earth, couldn't he? He was just as good and better too, than some of them who made the cut. What was keeping him back?

He pondered over this in silence in the hot steamy kitchen. Really, he didn't want to think how much sleep he might need. He was so tired, but he went on with the scrubbing. He barely noticed when Tony came up from behind him and slid some of his tips in his back pocket.

"So how's the room?" Tony's plush lip flashed a smile.

"I didn't get it." Maxxie winced.

"What?" Tony didn't look that let down.

"But I worked on the flat a bit, you know. I think its live-able." Maxxie nodded.

"Yeah, I thought that all along," Tony grinned. "Glad you're with me on that one." Tony almost winked.

He had to get back to his station.

"Service with a smile, you know." He smirked then and went off to wait on another table.


Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad they're on the same page about this. I'm glad Tony is waiting tables.

blue hearts said...

tony is work'n it. hopefully, things will come through for maxxie.