Saturday, June 6, 2009

a little visit

It was getting late, or so Maxxie suspected. Still no call back. He checked his messages. It was frustrating. Completely. He was trying not to let it get the best of him.

"Really, Maxxie couldn't you have gayed up someone, to find us a place to crash tonight." Tony was just about out of cigarettes.

Maxxie tried not to give away his annoyance about it, as he nursed his bottom lip. They walked the streets. It felt like they'd been miles on their feet.

"You said you wanted us to find our own place?" He was puzzled.

"Definitely, some day, but not today. You could be chummy for once." He scowled a bit.

"Chummy?" Maxxie winced. He looked up then and found a flyer flung to a window shop that was closed. It was about a boarding house, a summer special was going on for students and dancers. "There is a God, after all." He squinted to read the information on it. The rent was cheap.

"Or we could crash here." Tony jimmed the door to the upstairs.

"What are you doing?" Maxxie frowned.

"Finding us place for the night," Tony turned to him pulling him into the pitch black stairwell. He lit his lighter then, and they made their way up the stairs to the flat up above the shop.

"Really, Tony, we have the cash." Maxxie was reluctant and a bit afraid to crash the premises.

"Yeah, but for how long, mate? You've got me to think ahead, now don't you?"

The flat was locked up tight but Tony managed to jimmy the door with his Dad's credit card. It looked as if it had been quite a while since anyone had lived there. Dusty, too. Not a thing to eat.

"What do you think?" He then asked as he lit a candle. There was no power, of course.

"Lovely, Tony, just lovely." Maxxie smiled thinking this better not leave them in the slammer. He might never get in the shows now.

"It'll be like camping," Tony promised. "Except inside."

"Yeah, inside camping." Maxxie walked around the creaking floors. It was ghastly old. He looked at the mattress on the floor of the bedroom overlooking the street. Not even a pillow in sight. He still wasn't sure if he liked the place. It felt a bit cold and scary. He'd never felt this kind of alone, in his life.

And then Tony's lips met his. Tony's fingers came around his head and they crashed on the mattress leaving a cloud of dust in the air. It didn't bother Tony a bit.

"See, we have each other, and that's all we need, isn't it?" Tony told him.

Maxxie coughed a bit. "Right." He choked.

This really was the barest of essentials, but Tony was definitely moving on, as his hand slipped under Maxxie's shirt, kissing him fierce. Maxxie so needed him to slow down. Really, they had all night, didn't they?