Friday, June 19, 2009

moving forward

Tony was determained to be working before the day was through. He'd talked to the manager the day before at the bistro for quite a bit. Chatted him up so. Flirted even and well, it sounded as if it was for his taking.

"You might be more handy if you sucked me off," The fellow smirked as if it were some other deal they had made.

"Why would I? Really, I can suck off who ever I damn well please, and believe me, it won't be you." Tony gave him an arrogant glare right back. No use groveling. He was determained right then if he got on he'd figure away to have that idiot's job. How dare he think he needed that kind of pity.

Thankfully the owner caught the manager's action and told Tony he had the job. Even if it were washing dishes. Tony didn't give the college guy a look back. He would show them he was worth their while. It was a dangerous world, now wasn't it? He just hoped this would be Maxxie's lucky break. Naturally, it wasn't.

Maxxie met him at the bistro for a late lunch. They dined on some scraps that were about to be thrown out, a lassanga that hadn't came out perfectly and plenty of hearty bread and butter.

"I don't know what to do." Maxxie didn't have much of an appetite though.

"You keep trying, mate." Tony looked at him, wanting so much to touch him. He hated to see him so sad.

"Is this the lad you mentioned for the waiter job?" The owner gave him a look over.

"Yeah." Tony tried his best to get Maxxie to smile, but he wouldn't.

"He's a right downer, now isn't he?" The old man put his hands on his hips and looked Tony over. "Why don't you do it tonight?"

"All right." Tony thought it was the least he could do. He'd washed up the lunch dishes. "Fair enough."

"And he can do the dishes." The old man looked at Maxxie as if he might be too pretty for that too.

Maxxie just nodded. The old man walked away.

Tony lifted Maxxie's chin up with his index finger. Tony looked him in the eye. Before he knew it, he was kissing Maxxie.

"Will you look in on a room for us then?" he said after awhile to Maxxie even though Tony would have rather set up as a squarter in the room they'd had the night before. Perhaps the fucking couldn't wait at all.


Cait said...

Tony's taking the lead. I knew he would.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love your story!
Tony is actually sweet, but not sappy, that's nice...

maxxie n' tony said...

Thanks so much.