Thursday, June 11, 2009


Maxxie woke to the startling sunlight. He winced. Really the place was a wreck of some sort. And he was alone.

Where in the hell had Tony gone? He didn't want to be alone. What if some addict of some kind came along and abused him? Anything could happen. Bad, he thought, not good. What possibly good could come along? As of yet, no call backs. What if he never got one?


When he said it, it echoed through the flat. What the fuck was he doing here?

So it would be nice to just have some free time with Tony. Have some fuck'n fun then, go home. Really, how about it? But it was his future. Why was it all so difficult to have it all? As he got dressed, he knew he should have came alone. Really, this was a lonely road. And if you wanted to stay fuck'n gorgeous, you had to work for it, and the rest would come later. Wouldn't it?

Just then the front door cracked open. Maxxie was expecting the worst, but it was Tony with breakfast, just some take-away from MacDonalds, What you needed to get a good start in the morning.

They downed the egg sandwiches immediately and finished with the hash browns as if they were a figment of the imagination. One of the sandwiches really didn't hit the spot. Tony dug in the sack and gave Maxxie a sausage and biscuit.

"I really shouldn't." Maxxie said.

"Yes, you should." Tony told him. "You, have to keep up your strength."

So he ate.

"You know, I really am the hunter and you're the gatherer," Tony then remarked as Maxxie sipped flaming hot black coffee.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Maxxie winced.

"It sounds just as it means," Tony glared at Maxxie. "I found us jobs."

"Jobs?" Was he serious? "How?"

"There is a bistro around the corner, and they need a dishwasher and a waiter."

"I hope I'm the dishwater."

"Bloody, hell no." Tony winced. "The whole point is to get people to look at you."

"What?" Maxxie gave him a strange look. "Pimp myself out? Is that what you're saying?"

"No, not exactly, but you need some financial backing, now don't you? Maybe getting an audition isn't all it takes. Newtworking, mate. That's where its at." Tony told him.


"Fuck'n each other would definitely be in order." Tony sounded as if it was the key ingredient to any diet.

"About that?" Did he really think last night was all there was to it?

"What about it?" He seriously looked into Maxxie's eyes.

"I dunno." Maxxie flinched.

Suddenly, a grin came to Tony.

"Jesus! You're a fuck'n gay virgin, aren't you?" He seemed to find such a delight in it. Maxxie festered a frown then. Honestly, did they have to discuss this now?


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