Tuesday, June 2, 2009


By the time they reached the streets of London it was daylight.

"What the fuck are we here for, actually?" Tony found the place stifling. He hadn't felt this much panic in quite a while.

"You know I want to be in the shows. I must be here." Maxxie pressed his lips together and glared back at Tony seriously as if this was no time to be a chicken shit.

"Right?" Tony suddenly didn't know if he could actually get by on love, or was that lust. He hadn't decided precisely. "Where are we going?"

"We just need to get situated and once we do that, things will take off." His little smile had a way of making everything so simple.

"And," Tony twitched a bit. "How do we do that?"

"Come on, nothing will come to us if we just stand here on the street." Maxxie grabbed Tony's hand and off they went strolling along as if they'd get by somehow.

"Where shall we go?"

"To an audition." Maxxie shrugged.

"An audition! Are you mad?" For starters, Tony was starving and he hadn't had his tea.

"Come on," Maxxie marched onward to the theater district.

"What am I to do while you're on this expedition of yours?" Tony glared at Maxxie.

"Keep me company, all right." Maxxie glared back.

Tony just nodded. Evidently, it was Maxxie's time to shine.


blue hearts said...

go maxxie. hope he finds something.


Thanks a lot for your birthday message!! so sweet!!