Saturday, June 13, 2009

teach me how to swim

Tony loved it. His expectations were a level playing field now. Perhaps he really had more experience than Maxxie, after all. All right, he'd never fucked anyone in the arse but Michelle, but that was different. Usually, drugs and alcohol were involved, and well, how could he quite remember it, exactly. And this definitely wasn't the time to refer to it. As it was, this was curiously about to kill him. He wanted to do it. Now.

"Just- No." Maxxie was obviously turned off, since his secret was out.

"Not even with Georgie?" He thought that was possibly a full fledge romance. Wasn't it?

"We had expectations," Maxxie said not even sounding like the Maxxie he knew.

"Expectations? What the fuck does that mean?" Tony shot him a look.

"It means, we were waiting for that moment." Maxxie scowled as if it were just too awful to talk about.

"What moment?" Just how sex charged did you have to be for the moment, Tony wondered.

"I-I wanted to be in the shows, and once I got one then-"

"Jesus, that sounds as if you were just putting it off, because I don't think there was any-um real chemistry there, after all, mate." Tony told him.

"We had chemistry."

"Yeah, like a lab partner," Tony sighed. "I'm thankful it didn't happen."

"Yeah, right, and you're just some fuck'n bunny, aren't you?" Maxxie looked at him as if he felt so stupid now.

"No." Tony scowled. "Can't you see how much you mean to me? Isn't it obvious?"

"I dunno." Maxxie's upset face left Tony wishing he hadn't brought it up. He didn't want to make it a big deal. But it was. It just made things so much more genuine with Maxxie.

Tony put his arm around Maxxie, kissed his cheek. "We'll do things your way, all right." Tony sighed. "How about we check out that boarding house?" Even though, he really liked this place. There was a raw freedom here. Somehow, he'd make a home out of it, yet. Just had to think on it.

"It really was beautiful last night," Maxxie said.

Tony Frenched him to let him know he thought so too. Things were sweet again. Maybe, it was possible to change Maxxie's mind. Tony just couldn't help himself.


Ivyoaks said...

some very interesting developements.

Cait said...

aw..tony. Hopefully, Maxxie isn't too embarassed.