Thursday, July 2, 2009

the galaxy in your room

Maxxie thought it might have happened already. The sex. It was good in a very bad way. He wanted it, but he didn't.

And when Tony pulled his finger out, Maxxie thought he might be bleeding to death. Maxxie laid wide-eyed on his stomach now. Not sure if he was in still in the state of pleasure or pain. He almost got up.

"I haven't even started." Tony told him.

Maxxie blinked. He felt like an idiot now. He nodded. He wouldn't dare say "Oh". But he felt like a fool. Tony pushed down on his him. His warm skin across Maxxie's back. It felt like a massage of some sort. A full body massage. Maxxie felt so warm and cozy now. A lull of some sort.

Tony kissed his neck. His shoulder. His hard penis edging between Maxxie's buttock.

"God, you're so fuck'n lovely." Tony laughed. "I feel so rock hard for you, babe. I want to fuck you all night."

"All right," Maxxie has heard enough. Was that suppose to be poetic? "Just get on with it, will you."

A part of Maxxie gripped the strength he had and yet as Tony pushed in full throttle...he felt just as weak too. It felt like a sledge hammer coming at him. His skin pricked up as goosebumps popped up under the sweat. He wasn't sure if he was in a shiver or a shatter orgasm taking over him as Tony squeezed in between his buttocks, arching his back, making all sorts of painful grunts.

Maxxie didn't watch. Actually, he couldn't from this angle. He decided to close his eyes so he could sense his body coming alive, taking in Tony. Finally he felt himself shiver and shake and Tony's came down on his back. He felt Tony quiver too. So relaxed now as he sucked at Maxxie's shoulder, as if he was waiting for it to come back so they could ride it out, again.

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