Thursday, July 30, 2009

heat of the moment

"What would you do if the person you despise the most, comes to you, and tells you they could help you step up your career?" Maxxie wanted Tony's advice in bed after of course, Tony had a go at him.

"Um, dunno." Tony was rather oblivious as he was smoking a cigarette in the moonlight and looking up at a hole in the ceiling where a skylight would go. He could actually see the moon. He felt rather lovely, sinking in sweat and still with a vib of sex setting off him. "I'd have to think about it. Seriously, I suppose. I can't think serious right now, luv." He handed the cigarette over to Maxxie.

"Sketch thinks she can help me," Maxxie said rather quietly.

"Sketch? That miserable cunt from school? Where did you ever find her?" He wondered how long he'd seen her since he'd given him this bit of information.

"She's an assistant to something. I know it couldn't be much. Probably a sham, you know." Maxie rested his head on Tony's chest.


"Its just I'm so sick of this. This vast emptiness of what I thought I'd be doing with myself." Maxxie said quite sadly.

"Then maybe you should take a chance." Tony took a drag off the cigarette. He enjoyed their closeness.

"I could." He sighed. "She told me Anwar hooked up Georgie. Can you believe it."

"Anything is possible." They Frenched then and Maxxie took the cigarette from him and smoked a bit to think.

"Will this rat hole ever get fixed, Tone?" Maxxie looked around then.

"Of course, luv. Its not that bad." Tony winced.

"Its taking forever."

"Its been a few weeks." Tony shook his head. And grabbed the cigarette back to have his turn. Maxxie toyed with his tits.

A smile came to Tony as if he'd just thought of something brilliant. He put out the cigarette on Maxxie's inner thigh near his penis.

Maxxie jerked his leg back in pain. Tony heard his gasp and horrid moans.

"Was it good for you?"

"Shit, no." Maxxie's face clenched. "I'm on fire, you ass!"

Tony put his finger in the burn first to cool it a bit then his mouth covered the burn. Finally, he put it out with his tongue. He felt Maxxie's sighs. It made Tony smile.

"What the fuck are you doing!"

"You are so fuck'n hard." Tony laughed. "Umm..." He sucked him off then.


Ivyoaks said...

Tony is a monster, after all.

em said...

Oh Sketch, how interesting.

past the point said...

Man, tony is a bad ass.

Ivyoaks said...

What is up with Tony?