Saturday, July 18, 2009

here we go again

Maxxie easily forgot Georgie. The auditions. That fuck'n dishwashing position. Some how he felt really lucky with Tony's hands. His touch. His lips everywhere. Damn, he was easy to give into. Maxxie couldn't help but bite his bottom lip when Tony's mouth was on his hard cock. Maybe this was enough. This was fantastic.

His hands touched Tony's thick head of hair as he guided him inch by inch where he needed him most.

"I wish you wouldn't do that," Tony looked up at him.

Maxxie was losing a bit of the momentum here.

"Sorry." He nursed him bottom lip then. It was hard to figure out. Weren't they doing great? Maybe they weren't.

Maxxie let go. He guessed Tony was a control freak, after all. But he didn't want to think about that. Not really. Not when he was so close to exploding in Tony's mouth. It was as if he couldn't go back after going this far. A climax busted out of no where. And yet in the end, he felt like shit.

"Why are you like this!" Maxxie squinted turning away from him so suddenly.

"What?" Tony grinned as if he wasn't the one being selfish, not him.

Maxxie was shaking his head and Tony rolled him over on his stomach, and Maxxie felt as if he might be strangled by the pillow as he felt Tony's hot self on top of him. First he edged in with his pinkie, wiggling it about as if to tease him. Then came another finger as if two were delightful. Much better than one. Maxxie sighed as if anytime would be great. But he tensed so suddenly when he was expecting that hard part of Tony. It wasn't. Tony shoved his fist in ass.

Maxxie squinted almost as he jerked up from the pillow. He didn't know what to say. Maybe he wouldn't be able to walk right for days. His whole body tensed. Somehow, Tony slipped his hard on inside. So hard. So hot. It stung Maxxie's senses as he laid his face back down on the pillow.

Maxxie kept picturing what it would be like when he could be inside Tony. He would make him stand up. He would find peculiar positions. Anything that just might make him suffer. And then like a raw avalanche it was coming. All his thoughts mingled as Tony fucked him hard. He knew it now. Tony owned his ass.

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