Wednesday, July 1, 2009

in the heat of the night

"Are you sure I wouldn't be taking advantage of you?" Tony pulled away, looking at Maxxie so dreamily.

"I thought I was taking advantage of you." Maxxie bit his bottom lip, rubbing Tony's shoulder blade just a little.

Tony watched him, hesitating just a bit, but he didn't ask permission as he unbuttoned Maxxie's pants. He definitely didn't want to break the mood. He knew Maxxie was just as hard as he was.

It didn't take long to be undressed and basking in the candle light. They kissed, each touch made Tony want Maxxie more, but he thought he'd see what Maxxie would prefer as he kissed Tony's chest while he took to his hard on with his finger tips.

Tony shut his eyes tight. He could hardly wait as he French Maxxie. Maxxie finally turned as if he were ready for the envitable. Naturally Tony wasn't nervous at all as he kissed Maxxie's shoulders, his sweet arse. Tony couldn't help from smiling as his finger tips grazed the curves of his fine buttock muscles and pried slowly where the hot spot pulsed. He pushed in deep. Maxxie resisted first as if he'd hit a nerve. He waited for Maxxie to relax. Perhaps he should have been completely liquoured up.

Tony breathed into Maxxie's ear.

"I want you completely sexed up," he whispered.

Maxxie smiled.

"You're gaying up." His laugh was light.

Tony wiggled his finger. Maxxie relaxed. Tony slightly pulled back slowly as if he were finish and yet his finger pushed back in hard. Further this time. Maxxie tensed immediately.

"Its all right," Tony whispered. "I can stop if you want."

"No." Maxxie whispered back.

"We don't have to whisper," Tony smiled, yet he was.

Maxxie smiled with a laugh deep in side. He was letting go of apprehensions now. Tony could tell by the tip of his finger. It was now or never.

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