Thursday, July 9, 2009

let him have it

All right. So it was fuck'n glorious with Tony, but Maxxie wasn't sure if he could even admit it to himself right away. After all, did this mean Maxxie was just a giver, and Tony would always be a taker. Maybe Tony hadn't changed at all.

Tony was all grins this morning. Satisfied with himself, no doubt, and Maxxie was a bit skeptical. Maxxie wished he didn't like it so much. God, he wish he didn't, but really he did.

He waited for the man who would change the locks, wondering what Tony would do to perserve the place for them. He could be cut-throat and ruthless. Not even a damn coma could change Tony completely, or at least Maxxie was beginning to think. What had he done? Gone off with Tony like this. Tony was a god damn control freak, now wasn't he?

Maxxie lounged around on the bed trying to not think how it smelled of he and Tony. Together. But it made him smile. He looked through his messages finally on his cell. 27 messages from Georgie!

"Shit." He said under his breath. He hadn't expected so many. Really, the boy fuck'n adored him and Maxxie felt like shit for leaving him at the bus station like that. What had he been thinking?





The texts went on and on. George's pleas really meant so little to him right now.

He wondered how Effy had fared when she came back and saw them gone. What if she didn't come back? What if she was the one who drowned herself in the bathtub?

No. No. It couldn't have happened. He tossed his cell to the edge of the bed and rested one arm behind his head as he reached for his hardon in his sweats. He felt a little foolish. Thinking of Effy, drowned in the tub. God he was so hard? What had come over him?

Was it the fact that he'd saved Tony from such destruction? And now he had a boner thinking his sister had took his place. Did he just hate her that much? What was his problem?

He worked himself silly thinking how it would be when he got his turn with Tony. He needed a turn too. Just couldn't be a fuck'n giver could he? He didn't want it like that. They were equal. They had to be equal in this. Totally.

Just then a knock came to the door. Shit. He's worked himself in a lather.

He supposed it was the locksmith. Maxxie just wasn't ready to get the door yet.


Jared said...

Haha, all these make me smile. You're great at these, keep writing. =]

fan fic said...

Thanks Jared.

sid and violet said...

I love my maxxie.