Thursday, July 23, 2009

that's progress

Tony had created havoc. Actually, it was all in good fun. They demolished the place where they lived.

"Are you sure, we should have waited to be the last?" The renovation couldn't come quick enough for Maxxie.

"Hell, no. We have to live here. Ours should be the first to shine." Tony wasn't backing down. As it was, they'd had plenty to do, knocking all their frustration out on the old place leaving it bare to the bones.

"Its worse than camping." Maxxie wasn't sold on anything really happening. The place was crap, just the creepy inside parts left.

"Its coming." They'd had this conversation a dozen times, and he knew Maxxie had just as much fun as he did to take a sledge hammer to it.

"I dunno." Maxxie didn't feel all so comfortable. "Sly might get away."

"You named that pussy?" Tony wished the cat would scat.


"But he hates me?" Tony was sure of it. When that cat got a chance Tony had bite marks all up and down his arms.

"Thats because he loves me," Maxxie smiled at that. Perhaps the only thing going his way.

Auditions were shit. Work wasn't a whole lot better for him. But they were managing as the weeks wore on.

And then Sid called.

"Well, you little shit, where are you?" Tony could hardly stand it. "Don't tell me you're still across the pond?"

"I can't stay forever, now can I, Tone?" Sid was a little lax on the info.

"What happened?"

"We're together."

"But are you happy?" Tony wanted to know.

"I suppose."

"You don't sound it?" Really, Tony thought he had this one all figured out. "What could have gone wrong?"

"Her lesbian ways."

"Are you fuck'n kidding me?" Tony grinned. "Do you watch?"

"Sometimes." Sid confessed.

"Holy shit, are you fuck'n her?"


"You are fuck'n brilliant." Tony laughed.

"I wouldn't go that far." Sid sounded very much himself.

"So will you be back?"

"Yeah, sometime in the future."

"Well, don't come back til you can fuck them both." Tony told him.

"What are you up too?" Sid then questioned him.

"I'm in London." Tony admitted. "You have to be filthy rich to enjoy it, you know."

"You aren't bathing in cash yet?"

"Fuck no. But I'm work'n on it." Tony was all smiles about that.

"So have you heard from Maxxie?"

"Um, yeah." Tony nodded not sure what he should say. "He hasn't exactly got a show yet, but any day. Any day it'll happen for him." He was looking straight at Maxxie when he said it. He grinned then, tugging at Maxxie's belt loop.

"Its good to hear from, you, mate." Tony then said. "Keep in touch, will you, now?" Tony had to let him go. There were after all better things to do even if there home was shit.

"We should really try it in the loo, at work. They even have a couch in the women's loo." He smirked. He bit at Maxxie's bottom lip.

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e.l. said...

I'm feel'n sad for Maxxie. I'm not sure Tony is treating him quite right.