Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what about Sid

They'd kissed for sometime. So close and inviting and well, dreamy. Tony liked it like that. No real intentions. Because this was the best. No hurry. Just a day together.

And then he thought of Sid. Just like that. Sad eyes, that pathetic thing he wore on his head. God, he hoped he didn't have it on right now. What if he never made it to New York City? And if he did, what if he were lost?

Tony pulled away from Maxxie before he got too comfortable. Perhaps a cigarette would do. Yes, he needed one. Too much was just going on. He had to get this "flipping" going and work. Well, when was he going to have time for all this?

"What's the matter?" Maxxie wanted to know who was practically humping him in his clothes as if it were a practice of some sort for the real deal. His chin on Tony's shoulder as Tony reached for a packet of cigarettes.

"I dunno."

"I'm not-I'm not going to rush you." He promised.

"I know." He sighed lighting the cigarette. "Its not that."

"Its not?" Maxxie sounded a wee bit hurt that it wasn't about the fucking.

"No, its Sid." He let out a smoke ring then, and they watched it expand then disappear. "I haven't heard from him. I thought I would by now. He's my best mate."

"Well, maybe you weren't his." Maxxie took a drag off the cigarette then.

"You think? Then who would it be? You?" Tony nudged toward Maxxie, and he put the cigarette in his mouth.

"I didn't say I'd heard from him, did I?"

"No, but still, you think he would have called," Tony was getting a litte misty eyed. "What if something happened to him?"

"I highly doubt it," Maxxie told him. "He can take care of himself."

"You think he found Cassie?"

"Who knows." Maxxie didn't sound thrilled with the conversation. "Would you have done him?"

"Are you shit'n me?" This humored Tony. He couldn't help but smile. "No. He's not that sexy. He needs all the help he can get. If he lost the glasses, beefed up a bit and got rid of that hairstyle. Um, I dunno. Doubtful."

"But you slept with him." Maxxie's hands went around Tony's underside and took the cigarette out of his mouth to take another drag. They watched their smoke rings collide and giggled then.

"So. Doesn't mean I slipped him my willie, you know." Tony scowled ever so slightly.

"Did he ever see it?"

"My stick?" Tony questioned. "I can't recall. Possibly. I saw his." Tony acknowledge. "It was much bigger than I antispated."

"Sorry, I never got a look." Maxxie kissed him on the cheek then.

"Yeah, well, he might be here instead of me if you had." Tony shrugged.

"Really." That was a laugh to Maxxie who took another drag off the cigarette.

"Well, shall we get naked before I set the bed on fire?" Tony grinned. The cigarette had came to an end.

"That was a right beautiful cigarette. Just what did you put in it?" Maxxie was all smile.

"I'll never tell." Tony put it out. It might have looked so normal to the average eye, but it was a fun smoke.

"Will you sell the rest, you know for a little cash?" Maxxie asked while he pulled off his shirt.

"Those were a gift from my sister. Of course, not." Tony winced as he unbuttoned his pants and pushed himself out of them. Truly, he was happy to see Maxxie in the buff. Just as much as Maxxie was happy to see him uncovered.

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funny about sid.