Tuesday, August 18, 2009

can't recall

"I thing you've lost it, Tony." Sid didn't want to go into the night with him on the hunt for the bloke who had put his sis into this fix. "We could get killed!"

"Nonscense." Tony took Sid's car, his Dad's gift to him. He guessed. Didn't really matter to Tony. There was only one thing on his mind. Spencer.

"Quit the sulking, Sid. I hate it." Tony winced. He had a job to do and he was hell bent on it.

"I'm sorry. I wish I was back in New York City." Sid checked his cell. There was a message from Cassie. "She's got me all confused. I can't do it, Tony. Please! let me out. Please!"

"Fine." They weren't even close to the country club where Spencer usually hung out with the usuals. He'd probably, find Josh where ever he found Spence. Tony pulled over. "GET OUT!"
A lovely help Sid was. Honestly, Tony decided he didn't need Sid anymore. Really, he was extra beggage. He had a mission, and there was no going back. This was it.

So he drove around quite a while, trying to get his nerve up. He'd had dealings with these fellows before. So posh and such wankers. Dirty deal'n wankers. Tony couldn't stop scowling about it. Sending his sister to the hospital again. Wasn't she done with the likes of these lads? Had she not learned anything?

He saw someone on a skateboarder zig-zag the wall near the club. Possibly, it was Spencer. Wasn't he too old for such a sport? He was in college, after-all. Who in the fuck did he think he was? Tony lit a cigarette, got out of the car and walked on.

Soon enough, the skatboarder was back circling him like a vulture.

"Do I know you?" The dark haired bloke's eyes were like diamonds as he scoped out Tony.

"Can't recall." Tony was aloof.

"What do you need?" The skate boarder came to a hault and bounced off his board just to walk over and take a hard look at him.

"Tony Stoneham, in the flesh, where in the fuck have you been?" A smile came to his lips.

"Hullo, Spence." Tony didn't flinch.

"How you been, mate?" Spencer smirked.

"I was never your mate, as I recall. Still fuck'n around with Josh?"

"Josh?" Spencer looked at him as if he couldn't guess.

"You remember." Tony remained even lip.

"Remember?" Spencer half laughed watching Tony.

"I know how you are with my sister."

"Sister?'" Spencer winced. "Is she around?"

"No. She on life-support." Tony flinched slightly.

"Now that's a shame. She's quite a slapper, that lass." Spencer smiled openly. "Not that I'm into that, but just the same, always good doing business with her."

"What are you trying to tell me?" Tony looked him straight in the eye.

"Why nothing, what would I know." Spencer was much closer to his face than Tony remembered.

Spencer Frenched Tony then, leaving him a little present in his mouth.


ellie said...

oh boy, Spencer.

em said...

Oh a little present. I know this is mainly about Maxxie and Tony but I just love seeing the other characters make appearances in this story.

theoaks said...

OH YEAH! I love him.

fan fic said...

Yeah, Spence was a favorite.