Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tony showed up at the hospital so see Effy all in white. She looked pure as an angel.

"What did she do? OD, again?" Tony wanted to know. He shook Sid wanting to know who had anything to do with it.

"I guess."

"Is she still hanging around Spencer?" Tony glared at Sid.

"Look, who knows, he's long gone. You can't catch him." Sid told him.

"What do you know of him?" Tony kept waiting for more answers.

"That, he's not good."

"Can't you tell me something I want to hear!" Tony shoved him away.

"Tony, don't, please, your family has been through enough, already." Sid gritted.

"I want to find him. I want to find the bloke who did this!"

"Tone, it won't do any good. Really." Sid shook his head.

"Well, it'll make me feel better once I fuck his guts out!" Tony was spitting in anger.


em said...

Oh Effy.

Sarah and Lucy said...

Tony sounds so mean!

Cait said...

This might mean trouble.

Jared said...

Good ole' Tony. I like the bit of developments going on. Also, the re-introductions of the others. Is this going to stay Maxxie and Tony or return to Skins? Very interested in where this is going.