Saturday, August 1, 2009

far from the maddness

Maxxie was sure of it now. Tony was mad. Man man. Just maddening. He might be a fucking loon. Well, the loon was fucking him.

"I don't know what to do." He found himself at Sketch's place. It wasn't much, but at least clean and livable. A real working bathroom you piss and poo in which was something he didn't have at the moment.

He felt like shit as it was. Just so out of it. Maybe it was all weed. Could be the pills. Not so much really. But the living conditions were really getting to him.

"About what?" She looked so innocent. Not so much the cow who had it in for anyone who might please him.

"Everything." He might have been at the lowest. It was hard to say. God, how could he even come here. But it was so tidy, and there were fresh flowers. It was fucking beautiful.

"Would you have dinner with me?"

He'd have to think on it.

"There will be vegetables. I'm vegan now." She told him that was the way around here. Everyone did it. Especially where she worked.

"Lovely." But he shot a look at the pictures on the harth above the fake fire place she had. It was a picture of her and Anwar in better times. "But no pictures. I do not want a photo of me anywhere in your flat. Got that." He said a bit hostile.


"Good." He liked having his way for once. "And you'll help me, with this-this musical."

"Of course."

For once things felt normal. This was the last place he thought that would happen.

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