Sunday, August 16, 2009

out for it

Maxxie found himself back at Sketch spilling his guts out in the wee hours of the morning. It was all about Tony.

"Why is he doing this to me!" He was in a bad way. Leaving him in a shit hole of all places with such a lameo note. It was disgusting.

"I can't stand him, he's a prick." Sketch nodded, giving him a good stiff shot of brandy she kept in her kitchen cupboard. "I never liked him. He's only out for himself, not you, Maxxie. You're better than that."

The alcohol helped a little. Making him a little warm. Maybe happy.

"I dunno what to do." He fought back tears. "What can I do?" Never in a million years, he thought he'd be here with Sketch going on and on about Tony. But Tony had left him in that ramshackled mess they called home.

"Fuck me." She said. It felt like one word to Maxxie. Puzzling. And then it hit him what she meant. NEVER.

"Fuck you? Are you out of your mind!" Maxxie winced.

"Come on. Just this once. You won't have to look at me. I won't look at you. You can imagine it could be anyone. Even Anwar."

"But you're too short to be Anwar," he told her.

"Right, but it would dark."

Maxxie kept shaking his head, no. "It has to be someone very gay. You know."

"I've kissed a girl," Sketch said.

"Really?" Maxxie squinted, finding that very hard to believe.

"Look, if that bastard Tony won't let you fuck him, then fuck me. Think of it as sort of a..a beginners course, or something."

She poured him another brandy. She drank one herself.

It was quiet then as they drank. Maxxie asked for another. This was a lot to absorb. He just couldn't. Could he? She drank another.

"Maybe we'll just, you know, have us a good sleep." Maxxie nodded. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had one with the flat so scrapped.

"That'll do." She took his empty glass then. Hers too and put them in the kitchen. "Come along." She pulled him along down the small hall to her room. He felt he was walking into a tunnel of some kind. No escaping.

He looked at the bed. Really, he hadn't the nerve to do it. Butt fucking. Just like that. He wasn't hard at all.

"What should I do?" She wouldn't look straight at him.

"Just put your face in the pillow." That's what he did with Tony.

He cut the lights then.

It was total darkness. But as his eyes adjusted. He made out her form on the bed. He closed his eyes, imagining Tony. He took a deep breath as he touched his penis. It was a softy.

"Maybe we should be undressed for this." Maxxie sighed.

So she did as he said. Everything off. He took his shirt off and almost stumbled in his pants, just about falling on her.

"Its not going to work." There was no hard on to be had.

"Let me try," she said.

"Try what?" He squinted.

He guessed she meant a hand job. It startled him. A bit of zing came. Her fingers were warm. So different from Tony. Really, it was just peculiar, but it was happening. Maxxie caught himself smiling. Though, he didn't want too. It was the liquor. He decided. Just the liquor. Not her. Never Sketch. Not ever.

Her tongue wedged into the tip of his hard on. It was like magic. No one had ever did that with such precision. She kept quiet, licking him deep. And then she let go. He felt as if she was just getting started.

But then he touched her softeness which irritated him the most. He had to keep thinking Anwar. Anwar. Anwar.

Luckily, her ass was the tightest thing about her. He fingered her ever so slightly. Hoping that was the right place. It had to be. Feeling his way through this.

Maxxie smiled at himself. He was really going to do it. He was fucking someone. It was butt fucking, wasn't it?


em said...

I would have never expected that. Sketch definitely weirds me out though. Such a creepy girl.

Jared said...

Woah, very very interesting about Maxxie and Sketch. Perhaps Sketch is just to smart for him?

Oh okay I get it. Yeah same here. I was hoping he would be there, it would make sense. Maybe he'll be there next season like how Sketch was added.

Well in America they have the 21 law which was to me an act of in dependency, but who knows. In the U.K. they have different laws. Age 14, you can have drinks with very little alcohol granted you have food with it. You may also sit at bars. Then, at 16 you can have as much alcohol you want as long as you have food with it. Then at age 18 it's fair game. I myself, thinks that America is overprotective, but who knows.