Wednesday, August 5, 2009

remembering like the first time

Tony heard from Sid. He was home.

"Did you leave Cassie?" Tony would be pleased if he did.

"We're on a break." Sid was naturally vague.

"Again?" Tony stomped around on the naked floor of his apartment, smoking cigarettes. Things were great at work. He made tips. Expensive ones. People loved him to be their waiter. He was moving up. Even if it felt like a slow go.

"I guess."

"You should come to London."

"I dunno. It just doesn't feel right."

"Come on, we'll have fun." Tony grinned.

"Did you hear about your sister?" Sid then said.

"My sister?" He forgot he even had one actually. He'd never looked back. That was truth, and now he had Sid to remind him. "What is it?"

"She's in the hospital. Been in a coma a good long while, you know." Sid said he'd been by her side everday.

"Aren't you a dear boy." Tony dared to have any grief about it. "Do you plan on taking care of her? Is that it? Will you fuck her?"


"Promise." Tony squinted hard. Tony didn't know if he could bare it if his best mate was with his sister.

He got off the cell then with Sid and laid on the bare mattress, finishing up his smoke. It really was looking like shit around here. And he didn't even care.

He bit his bottom lip, thinking of Effy. He reached in his sweat pants and felt his hard on then. He couldn't help to give himself a little rub as he thought of her. Where was Maxxie when he needed him.

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