Thursday, August 27, 2009

show me heaven and I'll meet you there

Tony awoke in an incruciating pain he'd never felt before. He might never shit again. Or so he thought as he laid in what must have been Spencer's bed. Jesus, he didn't remember a thing. His head felt swollen. Actually, all of him did. It was frightening. He was actually scared. He hadn't been this scared in a long time.

What had happened to him?

Not a stitch on. Nothing. And he sweated so. It was really unbecoming and not at all attractive like the times in his head when he thought so of a voyage like this. It was mindless now. Some mindless self indulgence. That's what the crap this was. Wasting away in Spencer's bed on the floor. A hostel of some sort. Was this how he lived?

Tony took deep breathes. He could hardly stand the stinch. What could he do? Just cry like a baby?

Tony scratched his head and he took the dark green room in. Dirt on the floor. He'd never been in a place so shitty. Except his own. Really, he needed to get that fixed. Winter was coming. Shame, the cat hadn't escaped. Really, Maxxie was so lovely to that horrid creature while he didn't seem to have room for him at all, lately.

Stupid rehearsals. Maxxie dragging his butt down to the bistro to wash the dishes. What the fuck had happened to Maxxie along the way? Now he sorely missed him. Now Tony was with the likes of Spencer, sprawled about the covers, exposing his purple hard on. Really, Tony found it quite disgusting.

They'd done that thing that he'd promised himself would not ever happen. Never. With no one. Perhaps being drugged up while doing it was for the best. Don't know what it would have been like if he hadn't. He guessed. He guessed. Even deep down, he'd always wanted to be the first time with Maxxie. Somehow. Like a Christmas present. Some time in the future. Or maybe something to ring in the new year. You know, before a coment hit the earth and killed them all. Something to do in the last hours of living. Not this. Not with Spencer. Tony squinted in pain, again. What if he got something from Spencer? Then what? Shit, he'd never got back to Maxxie then. It would be all Spencer's damn fault.

He squinted his eyes shut thinking Maxxie would say it was the worst thing he ever did... along with the top ten Maxxie had to remind him with, ever so often. He knew it now. Maxxie liked him the most when he wasn't right in the head. But he was thinking so clearly now. Really, he had to get back to Maxxie before they were finished. They couldn't be finished. Could they?


cass and cady said...

I hope Tony gets his act together.

Jared said...

Oh god. Spencer and Tony and Maxxie. It's all mixed up now. I just hope Tony can get back before Maxxie "moves on." What's Tony going to do?

Eve said...

dont be a jerk tony, go get the boy before he leaves you (: