Saturday, August 22, 2009

thinking it over

Maxxie missed Tony, but not enough to go back to that hell hole they called home. He rested so comfortably at Sketch's place, but not in her bed on her couch.

He had to remember what he had going for him. He was in a show. Granted it was a kiddie's show. A stupid High School Musical, in fact.

"If the kiddies go for you then I'm sure you could show up in a lot more." Sketch had told him. He guessed it was good enough.

Still he was pissed with himself. What was he thinking? Fucking Sketch. Even if it were anal. He was pretty sure it was anal.

Really, had he lost his mind? He should have paid a male prostitute, but he didn't have the cash. And he knew of so many other opportunties he could have had, but he'd been afraid. It felt more like a science expirement to him now. At least he knew she'd only been with Anwar. And it would be their secret thats what it was.

And when he heard from Tony that he was actually home because his sister was on life support, he was in no hurry to get home. Really, he felt as if his luck had ran out on Tony so quickly. And yet his luck had changed just as well. There was the show to do. Really, he had to keep telling himself - that the future looked bright with Sketch around. He just wished he didn't need her help.