Saturday, September 12, 2009


Spence was taking Tony all in, but it gave Tony the willies. He guessed. Even if Spence smoked some heavenly shit and let him have some to which helped him make this transition. He supposed.

"Come on, don't be such kiddie." He messed with Tony's hair as if they were together now. "You aren't that innocent." He taunted Tony a bit up in his room. Their room.

Before Tony knew it, Spence was buying him new clothes down at the vintage store. A tough leather jacket. Leather chaps to go with it.

"Then you'll be Johnny Delicious, don't you think?" Spence smiled as if he knew a bit about style. He had the cash. He had the way. It was a good thing. Right?

"I don't want anything of yours." Tony reminded him. Except, he had on the things he'd bought him. It was as if he could be a regular gigolo for him now. Was that it?

"Aw,don't hurt yourself, son, you can't get a bit wicked on me. I know where you monkey lives." Spence laughed and laughed. "So hears the deal. You do me favor. I'll do you. Got it." His wise ass look got to Tony.

He didn't know exactly where he was nor how he got so caught up in it. Sid wasn't not in sight. How in the hell was he gonna get out of this shit.

"Sid. Sid." He thought he got him on his cell, but Sid left a message instead.

"Can't make contact. Gone back for my Cass."

"Shit." Tony was fucked and he knew it. What the hell could he do? Hanging out with the likes of Spence. He knew he was minutes away from being pimped out. Minutes. He dialed Maxxie in the restroom at some pub not far from his home in Bristol. It was the only way to get back to him. Some how.

"Hullo." Damn, If Maxxie didn't sound fab and sexy in one word.


"Tone." His voice sounded desperate then. "What is it? Where in the fuck are you?"

"Some thing has gone wrong." He could barely put the words in a sentence. Maybe the drugs really were doing it for him. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" He heard the pain in Maxxie's voice. "Listen, I got some news about the flat."

"What?" His hearing was going. Maybe the phone.

"Its quite brilliant, if I might say so. And the landlord, our boss, feels so bad for you and your family, and your sister. I see why you have to be with them now. You know, its awful, her being in a deep sleep and all. Its just, I miss you, babe. I honestly do."

Tony chocked on his own flem. He really felt awful about what he'd done.

"You stay as long as you have too. I understand. I'll be waiting for you." Maxxie told him.

Tony felt as if his tears might as well have been blood. His face turned red. He missed him so much, but he wasn't sure he could come back anytime soon.

He heard Maxxie say, "I love you."

Tony slid his lean body down the brick wall of the loo and set there probably in old piss for all he knew. It was true. His life was in the crapper.


sid and violet said...

How in the world is gonna get out of this????

Jared said...

I liked the last sentence. Interesting steps in the story. Hope it turns out alright, but as you said they can't always be happy now can they.

maxxie and tony said...

I've been trying to think of Spencer is as tall as Tony. Probably not. I don't think he is. Not sure why that bothers me at the moment.