Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, there might be a problem. Maxxie didn't want to think it was because it was just Jared.
Not that he was that big in the theater. Not at all boastful. Not like some of those stinking actors who wanted to keep the dancers in their own category.
Actually, Jared was a singer. Damn, amazing, in fact. He'd asked Maxxie to come out a time or two to see his band at a coffee shop. Granted, it wasn't the polluted underground with the rappers and a good dope. He was rather mellow and you know, more of a grownup scene. But he was quite natural and honest. And Maxxie found those two things fascinating about him. Also, he liked to hang around with building stuff. He really was brilliant when it came to fixing up the set. Even more so with the flat. If something were to go wrong, who to call? Jared.
In all honesty, Jared had come through for Maxxie on so many occasions. He couldn't even count the ways how their friendship had somehow tightened.
"You never want to see me," Jared brought up the fact.
"That's not true. I do." Maxxie promised him on one of those little moments when Jared seem to be the only one to know how to fix something in the loo. Granted, it was an awkward situation to have him over in such close quarters where Mr. Clean had done his duty to make the place smell quite disinfected.
"Then why don't you?" Jared sat there in the glaring light on the edge of the bathtub and Maxxie set on the commode lid.
"I'm afraid." Maxxie let out a slight grin.
"Afraid of what?" Jared looked at him so concerned that it almost took Maxxie's breath away.
"Well, I'm waiting on someone to call or at least show up." Maxxie shrugged. "Only it hasn't happened yet. And what if I'm not here if, you know, he shows or something."
"So you're telling me thats the way love works, then?" Jared brought up.
"I guess." Maxxie pressed his lips together tight. It sounded so empty somehow.
"I'm not asking to take you away from whom ever it is you fancy. Its just a show. You look like you need a good time. But you know, if I'm not your cup of tea, its all right. I understand." Jared told him.
Maxxie bit his upper lip thinking, just maybe really Jared might be a certain cup of tea he was missing. How would he know if he didn't'- no, no he couldn't. He had to wait for Tony. He had too. Only, deep down, he wondered if Tony was waiting for him at.
"Its just a show." Maxxie nodded. Just a show. He'd go and hope he got bored out of his skull.


Colin Gray said...

Thanks for the note. hmmmm..oh Jared. =D

the oaks said...

I think Jared will be great for Maxxie.

cass and cady said...

oh wow..I love Jared.

selena st.john said...

hmm... interesting. I like jared>