Monday, September 7, 2009

over the rainbow

Surprisingly, Maxxie was falling in love with High School Musical. It was better than nothing. He started out believing, but now it really felt the role was his own. And everyone was so damn helpful. Like really nice and understanding.

Maxxie hadn't felt that in a long time. And he was learning things. Building sets. Painting things. When he wasn't running lines, learning song. It went on and on and it felt, as if he had a family now at the theater. And he wouldn't have to leave town. As it was mostly they performed to so many schools in the area. They came to watch the show at the theater. They came to watch them be silly Americans.

Everything was quite wonderful except no word from Tony. Maxxie so tried. Phone calls. His mother kept hanging up on him. Told him to give it up, already.

"What do you suppose that means?" He had Sketch to bitch about it too. Of course, she didn't want to hear about Tony either. And he hated having to rely on her so much. Finally, some fellows came around that he worked with, and said they'd help out at the flat.

It was as if everything was looking up. They had the place fixed up in a day or two. Maxxie had a home to go to instead the disgusting shit hole Tony had started. Not only that, people were interested in the place and as luck would have it, if they did their own work, they could move in at a bargain.

Brilliant, thought Maxxie. Yes, it was brilliant. And downstairs where the shops had been was enough room to put in a dance studio and a sandwich shop. Maxxie had so much to tell Tony but all he could do was leave voice messages.

"When are you coming home, Tone?" Maxxie felt as if he were pleading after awhile, but he didn't give up. He kept up with the phone calls.

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Jared said...

Tony isn't helping much, now is he. Loved the 'silly Americans' line. I 100% agree XD. Nice post.