Wednesday, November 18, 2009

looking out a dirty old window

It was all coming back to Tony. Sort of. It was a dream perhaps. A dream about Maxxie. It made him smile when he thought about Maxxie somewhere basking in sunshine and that happy face of his. Such bliss. Perhaps the time of his life. Things were good for him. He was the star of the show. Singing and dancing. Lots of dancing. Amazing dancing. Just the dancing. His movements drifted Tony more as if he could not wake up from this dream. This electric dream.

And then it hit him. Right between the eyes. Because Spencer poured a bucket of cold water right in the face. His eyes shot open. Gulping back, just in his undies. Pale as a junkie would be.

"What are you doing, you piece of shit?" Spencer demanded.

Oh, that really wound Tony. He glared at Spencer. This was it. This was enough. He wouldn't have it. It was either now or never with Spencer. Now or never!

"That lil' yank of yours couldn't keep up, Tone!" Spencer's eyes bulged.

Tony winced, bitterly, grabbed Spencer by the face and shoved him away, kicked him right in balls too. And then Tony smirked. It was a good feeling to have. Knowing how Spencer had done his damnedest to break him down.

Tony got up from the wet bed and grabbed Spencer by the throat and shoved him to the wall.

Spencer was weak. He gagged so and Tony didn't care. No, this was for his sister. This was what he'd come to do. Choke the life out of him. He smashed Spencer in the face with his fist. Again and again and again. Like a clock ticking, ready for the alarm. Until there wasn't much to Spencer to fight back. And then he wiped him out clean. Cash. Drug. Whatever. Of course, it had taken him weeks to get here. He guessed. Tony had had his fun. It was time to head home.

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