Sunday, December 20, 2009

like a punch in the face

Maxxie had this feeling of woe. He was sure he was going to regret this soon. But Tony was out there. He just knew it. Even if he'd called a million times, and Tony never took a damn message. It made him angry and sullen.

"You don't have to feel that way," Jared was there every step. He wasn't flaking out on him like Tony. Actually, he was pretty much enjoying life with him. It was a beautiful thing. Jared made him smile. He wanted to go places with him. Hold hands. Be a real boyfriend.

Not this dumb ass shit where one day everything was spectacular and the next you meant nothing to him. Maxxie despised that.

Why did he have to feel so guilty? Why was Tony such an arse? Why hadn't he been there for him? What the fuck was going on?

But there was Jared on the park bench with him, huddled in the cold, wrapped up tight, making out, lip lock, snogging fast, slowly, splendidly, just lovely in the winter time.

"I love you," he'd breathe in Maxxie's ear. How could one resist something so quaint and extraordinary? Jared was love. He didn't know what the fuck Tony was?

Someone to fuck you over when he felt like it and then laugh behind your back, wishing you nothing of pain and misery. That was his Tony. Unappreciative. Feral. Crazy shit. Letting his cock decide for him.

But he was under Maxxie's skin. Every thought always went back to him.

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ellie said...

That tony is so haunting.