Thursday, January 28, 2010

and then some

Tony felt Maxxie's face. He smiled. He loved the texture of his skin even if it weren't completely as perfect as it might seem. But he remembered it, well. He was beautiful. He stroked his abs, wondering if it were just a dream.

Yes, it was real. There was the goddamn hair. How could he have let them use him this way. It still angered Tony, but when he looked in his eyes, he knew it was him. It was really Maxxie, and he couldn't get enough of him.

Somehow they'd made it to the bed as Tony undressed him. He had to see all of him. Because he wanted him. Completely. He drew him into his lap. Tony's legs apart. Just to cradle him a bit. Kissing Maxxie's neck, as he ignored the hair as much as he could. He sensed Maxxie's heaves. He'd missed him too. He wanted him, just as much. Tony was certain of it as he smiled with satisfaction as he hands came around Maxxie as Tony pushed and pulled at his cock.

It was so warm. Tony thought he might eat him, but instead they lunged forward as the pillow caught Maxxie's face, letting Tony's fingers find the core of him first as he felt Maxxie pulsating for him. It made Tony all the more hard as if he might burst before he even got there. But no, Tony pressed himself in slow as not to shock Maxxie completely.

It was good to be home. Very satisfying to touch the beauty of Maxxie's ass. It was like art being with Maxxie. Now if he could only have Maxxie's goddamn head shaved. But he had to cum first. And he was cumming at full throttle.

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