Saturday, January 23, 2010

a kiss with a fist

"I don't want this!" Maxxie got away, far as he could from Tony at the table. Suddenly, there was a fear of kitchen knives and the like. Maxxie was sure Tony could find anything to abuse him with. He just had to be stronger. "I want to help you, I do. Its just, you've gone too far! Something has happened to you! And, and...LEAVE! YOU HAVE TO LEAVE, TONY!"

Tony was shaking his head, no. "How could  you do this to me! How could you!" Tony whimpered. He broke down crying.

"I had no choice!" Maxxie squinted. "You left me! You give shit about NO ONE. But yourself, Tone!" Maxxie gritted as if he didn't know where in the hell this was going. He was certain he'd matured more than Tony ever would, even if he did tower over him.

Tony shook his head, no as if he didn't believe a word Maxxie said.

"I want you," Tony said. "Very much. Its just...." Tony pressed his lips tight, thinking with a squint. He started to shake.

"Are you all right?" Maxxie couldn't believe it. What the fuck was going on, he thought as he watched him unravel. "Tony! Tony!" Tony flinched in the floor like a fish out water. Maxxie didn't know what to think. He went to him. It was as if Tony were having a seizure of some kind. He needed help. He was so desperate as if he might suck his tongue down his throat or his eyes might fall out. Maxxie went to him. There on the floor. Finally the seizure calmed.

"I'm truly a better actor than you'll ever be." He said so sweetly then as he looked up at Maxxie. His fingers came around Maxxie's neck as he pulled him in and Frenched him ever so longingly as if he'd never forget who he really was to Maxxie. "Now let me fuck the shit out of you. Its been a long time coming." He whispered in his ear.


Em said...

Haven't read this in awhile. What's been going on?

Holly said...

I just dunno if I'd trust tony.