Friday, January 15, 2010

so troubled

Tony saw what he'd done to Maxxie. The sad look on his face said it all.

"Sorry." His face tensed as he let go of Maxxie's hand. "Terribly."

"You don't look well, Tone." Tony barely saw Maxxie's mouth move.

"What?" Tony shook his head.

"Lets have some wine shall we?" Maxxie poured glasses of red wine. "Tell me, how you been?"

"Fine," Tony said so coldly. "Just fine."

"Good." Maxxie made small talk. "And your sister, is she all right?"

Tony sipped the wine instead.

"Tony, I'm sorry." Maxxie squinted then. "I'm really sorry about everything."

"I hate your hair," Tony confessed.

"Yeah, well, it was for a show, you know." Maxxie nodded.

"A fuck'n show. You're letting the show ruin your life, is that it?" Tony's teeth clenched.

"No. That's not it. I have to pay the bills." Maxxie tried to explain.

"You're fuck'n him, aren't you?" Tony gave him a dead stare.

Maxxie pressed his lips tight and looked away as if he hadn't meant to cause him any pain.

"Stop shitting me, you've let that twat move in, hadn't you!" Tony scowled. "You don't even fuck'n know me, do you?"

Maxxie's face tense as if he might cry.

"Shut it!" Tony swelled a frown. It was quiet then. So quiet. Everything so still.

"I hate you." Tony thought he heard Maxxie say. It was barely a whisper. Just a slight noise in the air. "I hate you." There it was again. Like a ghost. "I hate you." So simply said.

Tony gazed at Maxxie then. He grabbed his neck as if he might choke him.

"Show me you love me!" Tony squinted tears. "Show me!" He unbuttoned his pants then. "I want it! A fuck'n blow job. And I want it now!"

Maxxie gasped for air. Tony was making it so hard to breathe. Tony found himself smiling. He always liked being in control.

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