Friday, February 5, 2010

how it is

What had Maxxie let Tony do?

Maxxie blinked after it was over. He couldn't tell if his eyes were wet from crying or just the sweat. Tony's sex mingled with his. There was a slight regret. He thought of Jared, and he knew why his eyes were wet. Such regret. He hated a part of himself as he looked back at Tony sleeping soundly now.

Tony was so unpredictable and he'd left Maxxie raw and sad, but not completely.

The sex had been so amazing. And he hated the idea that he'd let Tony get to him so. Especially, when it had been the last thing on his mind. He felt so miserable now. He could go. Only, he didn't want to give up his home. He couldn't.

There were other things to worry about. Like the baby. It was coming. Any day now, in fact. He needed a home. He knew Tony would hate him even more when he knew about it. Tears peaked around the corners of his eyes. It was so harsh, the reality of this.

Yet, Tony snuggled up to him, wrapping himself around Maxxie as he couldn't possibly get away from him. Maxxie closed his eyes. They had the night. Tomorrow was another day. Maxxie got as comfortable as he could. Trying to not think of Jared and what he might think of him now. If he knew. Really knew, just how weak he truly was for Tony.


gossip girl gone vamps said...

all the stuff Maxxie has to deal with. Dang!

ellie said...

wow, just thinking Maxxie as a Dad..blows me away, but I sense his sadness and mixed emotions.

fan fic said...

You know..I'm glad tony came back.