Sunday, March 28, 2010

a Jared moment

Jared did not want a bit part in Maxxie's life. After all, he'd spent a good portion of the last few month having him get over that foe of his. Tony was no friend in Jared's eyes.

It hurt when Maxxie shut him out like that. Granted, he knew he had to give them some space. Some time, well, time was up. Jared didn't want to waste it on worrying what Maxxie was doing with Tony because, damn it, he loved him and he knew he was a good for him. Maxxie had to know that deep down. They were a couple, weren't they? Hell, he had his tooth-brush in the bathroom. His old beat up guitar was under the futon. He kept his juice boxes there. Really, it was their home. He'd just gone back to his place to wait with the members from his band, who rented dirt cheap from him now.

His place was with Maxxie. They had a future. A baby on the way. Jared could hardly stand it being away from Maxxie. He needed him. And he had good reason to think Maxxie needed protection.

This Tony and he could get in a row. He just wasn't sure Maxxie could take a blow. He needed his face for the show. He needed not to be Tony's enabler. It was best to let Tony sink his own ship and get on with life. The fuck would only bring Maxxie down in the end. Tony was the definition of a wanker. Did Maxxie not know this?

It was easy to tell with that sly look of Tony's. His seductive smile. It aggravated Jared to no end. He had to find a way to put a stop to this. Now.


ellie said...

OMG..I love Jared.

the oaks said...

Oh..but jared is sweet and sexy.

axel said...

I so love Jared.