Thursday, May 27, 2010

any moment

When Sketch called to tell Maxxie she was in labor, Max just about shit himself.

"What!" He was startled for starters. He looked around wondering what to do. What was he, really in all this? Just a sperm donor? He winced hard trying to catch his breath. "OK! OK! WHERE ARE YOU?"

She was on in transit. Belly up, in fact, in the ambulance. "HURRY! You wanker!" Was all he got out of her. She was in so much pain. Maxxie was in instant agony.

"Fuck! Fuck!" He pressed direct dial to Jared then.

"I need you!" He didn't wait for hello.

Tony was in the shower.

"I'll meet you on the street, just outside in a bit." Maxxie told Jared it was time.

"I'll pop around pronto." He knew Jared meant it too. He'd be there in a heartbeat.

Maxxie slid into his jeans and pushed into a buttoned down white shirt. He almost forgot his shoes. Then he hesitated. He should leave a note. But there was nothing to write on. He heard the water stop. Bitterness came over Maxxie, thinking of Tony being mad and arrogant. He took a deep breath and ran down the stairwell to meet Jared who was waiting in his wee economy car.

"I can't wait!" Jared grinned. "I missed you, babe." He reached to kiss Maxxie on the cheek, but Max didn't want friendly. He Frenched Jared to let him know he was the best. He was. This was the real deal. Not having Tony be a prick and take advantage of him, out of spite. Still Maxxie was shaking. He was to be a father any moment now. Any moment.


ellie said...

oh wow.

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Em [the writer] said...

And why aren't you continuing this again? This is good.

ivy said...

well, thanks. i'll try to write more when I can.