Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feeling the need

Maxxie knew it had all boiled down to luck, lately. Luck with so many things.

1. striking up a friendship with Jared who was a talent on his own with building things. It was like he had his own beat to a certain drummer when it came to success. He was fantastically swell. And honestly, Maxxie hadn't had quite a friend like him in a long while.

2. Maxxie had a home. Finally. It was quite brilliant what had happened. Sweet living conditions for the group, he knew in the building that he and Tony had squatted in. It was a coop of sorts. Really, it was amazing how much had been accomplished in a short while, and yet Tony was still away. It didn't help much that his mother kept hanging up on him. But really, things were good even if Tony was not here.

"Things could be even much better," Jared said, and there was this smile he had that Maxxie obviously knew could be true to him. He'd come out with Jared a few times to watch his shows. It was very mature and nothing quite as chaotic as going out with Tony to the underground and expecting the worst, usually. And yet he missed that with Tony.

"Right." Maxxie just nodded wishing Jared hadn't showed up at his place, and yet he was glad too because he hated being so alone. One could only masturbate so long wishing someone was there when they weren't. And he'd decided it best to keep is distance from Sketch who was a controlling little freak even when didn't know it.

"You're really uber fit, you know, but that's not it." Jared shrugged. "I like your company, and I think you like mine, as well. Don't you?"

Maxxie just nodded, feeling sad. Wondering where his deep love for Tony had gone. Had it washed away? Really?

And then Jared kissed him and everything started to unravel. It could have happened at a rave or an after party, but it didn't. Right here in the quietness of his own flat.

Maxxie looked him over. It didn't take much to uncover Jared's bony body. Maxxie couldn't help but smile feeling the pleasure of Jared's full lips on him. In fact it was glorious and soothing at the same time. He hated to admit how much it thrilled him that if felt like kindness melting around him. Something that had never been Tony's motive. Not really.

He felt Tony was an absolute taker but could easily worm you into believing it was all your doing. He tried his best not to think about him that way, but the longer he was in Jared's presence, it flowed through his veins. Tony was a wanker. He always would be.

His hard on throbbed as Jared took it in. It was like good medicine. Drug-free and quite natural.

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