Friday, December 11, 2009

the doldrums

It was beginning to feel like Christmas. Well, Tony noticed all the Christmas lights now. He kind of found himself rewinding back. His sis was still in the hospital. No change. Might as well have been a vegetable.

He wondered if she'd been there for him when he was under. Maybe she was. Maybe she wasn't. Really, it didn't feel like a great concern to him. He was just laying low. Licking his wounds, perhaps, at home in his old room. What there was of it. His parents weren't together anymore. Didn't bother him that much. He knew his mum was a bit of a basket case, but when wasn't she?

Jamie was in rehab. He was just a little sick in the head. Maybe. Honestly, Tony didn't give a shit anymore, because most likely, Jamie wouldn't have given a shit, anyhow. So all was well, wasn't it? Except for one thing. Friends.

Sid went back to New York City. He was determained to make it work with Cassie. All Effy's friends were real shits. Especially, that Cook. Tony hated him the most. This Freddie, who may or may not be significant in his sis' life, was more of a stoner than anything. Just thought his sis could do better, but he didn't comment about it. No, he slept a lot. Smoked a lot and thought about calling Maxxie. He would eventually, it just didn't feel right, somehow.

Cause he had a lot shit to explain. That would just about kill him. Of course, it was killing him slowly that he hadn't picked up the damn phone and made the call. For all he knew, it might be a wrong number now. Then what?

Best he could do was put a big scowl about it. Sulk. And whack off. Three of the most important things of the day.

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