Saturday, May 30, 2009

on board

They made their way to the bus station. Naturally, Maxxie didn't have much to take.

"We'll get what we need once we get there," Maxxie promised. Honestly, all they needed were each other. Maxxie found them a seat, and it was deep into the night. They could sleep their way there.

"I wish we could have showered before we left," Tony was a bit blue.

"You know if we had, we'd still be there not here and really, we need to do this before you think about it too much." Maxxie winced.

"I don't think that much." Tony shook his head.

"Right," Maxxie sighed looking around and finally decided he'd hold Tony hand. Just as a test, perhaps.

"Really, is that all you've got?" Tony gave him a glare. He touched Maxxie's cheek then and gave him a really lovely long kiss on the mouth with tongue as if it were a dare.

"Then you're not afraid?" Maxxie sweetly smiled.

"No." No expression at all from Tony. Just his serious self.

"Promise, you won't start caculating mayhem by the time we get there."

That made Tony almost laugh.

"Don't underestimate me." Tony almost winked.

"How could I?"

They cuddled then setting back for the long ride.

"Will you miss home?" Maxxie wanted to know.

"Not if I can help it." Tony found what he was looking for in Maxxie's gray Kakis. Maxxie closed his eyes so gently then and found Tony's lips. It was like a new drug. They couldn't get enough of each other.


Girl next blog said...

Maxxie is so handsome!

blue hearts said...

They are good together.

e.l. said...

Oh Tony.

sid and violet said...

they are sweet together.

elliestories said...

Cool. I like them together.