Monday, July 6, 2009

make it so

Tony couldn't help but be elated. Yet, he hated himself too. He always wanted to be the one in control. He just couldn't help himself to be that way.

Yet, there was a happiness that ran deep through his veins. He was the only one. The only one Maxxie had been with. Now he just had to show him he was worth it. Really worth it. He didn't get an inkling of sleep the rest of the night as his thoughts soon turned to how he'd make this place their own.

This was much more involved than just fuck'n your life away. He'd get new locks. Find the proper way of tending to this flat. Of course, that might mean hacking in to certain places to put his name on what could be his.

"What are you going to do?" Maxxie said early the next morning who didn't look to be in any hurry to get out of bed.

"Take care of a few things. That's all." Tony shrugged who was already dressed.

"Like how?"

"A trip to the library for starters." Tony smiled.

"Library?" Maxxie didn't get it. "Why on earth would you go there?"

"I need a computer." Tony said brightly. "You can wait for the bloke to get here, to take care of the locks."

"Must I?"

"Look, I'll take care of the power. Wash up. I'll be back before you know it." His brain was already spinning where to go and find what he needed to become the proprietor of this place. He handed over a credit card to Maxxie.

"Use this, and remember, don't sign your name, just Reggie Smith." Tony told him. Maxxie just nodded as if Tony was giving him something to do against his will.

"Tone, are you sure about this?" Maxxie winced.

"Its never been better. Amazing what a good fuck can do for you. I know what to do now." Tony bit his bottom lip to keep from exposing to much of a dazzling smile. He breathed Maxxie in with a kiss then.

"What's that?" Maxxie squinted after Tony Frenched him.

"You aren't to worry about it," Tony grinned. "Leave it to me, will you?" He put his fingers through Maxxie's hair then., making it stand on ends.

Maxxie just nodded. Tony Frenched Maxxie again, not wanting to leave him, but the faster he got this into action, the better their lives would be.

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