Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm not a robot

Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot
Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot

You've been hanging with the unloved kids
Who you never really liked and you never trusted
But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins
Never committing to anything
You don't pick up the phone when it ring, ring, rings
Don't be so pathetic, just open up and sing

I'm vulnerable, I'm vulnerable
I am not a robot
You're loveable, so loveable
But you're just troubled
-marina and the diamonds

Maxxie was pretty sure dinner was over before he even got it on the table when he saw Tony standing there.

"Are you all right?" Maxxie knew he had to go to him, but  he felt as if some long lost pup had found its way home and now decided to be rabid.

"Of course," Tony squinted hard. "Its you. What have they done to you?"

Maxxie looked at Jared. He nudged him that it might be best he go. They'd gone over it before. They were not to kiss. Especially, it Tony were around.

"You sure?" Jared, in all his sincerity, looked as if it would be hard to go. Maxxie just nodded. "We have a lot to discuss." He said under his breath.

Jared just nodded again and got his coat and left.

"What the fuck have they done to you?" Tony said once again after Jared left. It looked as if it pained him not to see his old Maxxie.

"Its just a show, it'll grow out." He promised about the curls as he edged Tony to the couch. "Sit. Please."

But he could see Tony was a bit shattered and out of sorts with all the changes.

"Do you like it?" Maxxie asked about the flat.

"Dunno, not what I was expecting." Tony shook his head. Even when he was seated Maxxie wasn't quite sure he was steady.

"Some people from the theater helped me out with the flat." Maxxie explained.

"Really?" Tony squinted and Maxxie wasn't sure if Tony was mad or just sad. "That bloke who was here, did he help you?"

"That's, that's Jared." Maxxie felt himself stumbling over his words. "He's really good with a hammer."

Tony looked soured to everything.

"Are you hungry?" Maxxie asked. All he got was a shrug from Tony.

"Come on, eat something. Its just a stew, but you look like a good meal would do you." Maxxie got up to fill up the bows with the beefy stew he'd made. "Most times its just vegetables, but I thought it might be a treat."

Tony said nothing but found the chair where Jared usually took his meals. It felt awkward now with Tony sitting there, but Maxxie served him as if he'd always done it this way, except he hadn't. Usually, it was pizza in bed or a stead of diet of smoking cigarettes for the most part.

"How you been?" Maxxie wanted to know once he'd poured a sweet red wine and sat down to eat with him.

Tony shrugged as he dipped a piece of sour dough bread in the stew and ate it slowly.

"I missed you." Maxxie said.

Tony grabbed the top of Maxxie's hand then and squeezed it so hard.

"How much?" He glared at Maxxie.

"Tony? Please!" Maxxie squinted. The pain was so intense and excruciating. Maxxie clenched his teeth. What the hell had happened to Tony?

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